I remember the thought I had when I was just starting university. I had seen so many "old people" make claims about how they use to be fit, athletic, etc. 

I thought to myself, "OK boomer, keep reliving your glory days because it's all behind you now..."

Flash forward 5 years, and I was starting to tell the same stories.

All of a sudden, I used to be an athlete. I used to be fit.

Somewhere along the way of going to school, getting a job, getting married, I seemed to have lost connection with who I was.

And instead of living it, I was now a little thicker (not in a good way), a little slower, and overall felt like a shell of the person - the athlete - I once was.

And so I started working out. I trained HARD. I looked super fit.

And while I was fitter than most, I still felt like that competitive edge was missing.

Then I found CrossFit, and dove head first.

Over the next 5 years I became among the top 1% in the sport of CrossFit.

But after the first year or so, I started to plateau. I didn't know why at the time, I only knew that I wasn't making quite the same progress like I used to.

And while I was fit by mostly anyone's standards, I was also very broken.

A torn meniscus in my left knee. Partially torn rotator cuff. The injuries started piling up.

I knew that I couldn't sustain this level of competition for the rest of my life. 

But the identity of who I was had been rekindled in this sport of fitness. Who am I without competition?

And that lead me down the path that I live today.

Where I can live with single digit body fat, eliminate chronic pain, and perform well in ANY athletic environment.

And yet I still can enjoy drinks with friends, time with family, and building a career and a business I love.

And over the last few years, I have been able to help hundreds of clients do the same.


In my quest to build a sustainable, athletic life, I set out to solve these problems that I was having:

I wanted to LOOK fit, without being weird and eating the same boring foods stowed away in tupperware.

I wanted to FEEL fit, not broken, injured and incapable of doing the activities and sports I loved.

I wanted to PERFORM, not simply do, but to do well. I wanted to be able to be good at sports and activities I loved - Golf, Hockey, Obstacle Course Racing, Trail Running, CrossFit, Climbing & more - as well as perform well as a First Responder. 

Basically - I wanted to live a fully capable, pain free, athletici life that allowed me the mental and physical capability to do ANYTHING I wanted to, ANYWHERE I found myself - without giving up time with family, focus on my career or enjoying the food, the social activities and the life I loved.

I wanted to live an uncompromised life.


And so that's what I built.

A sustainable, reasonable way to live life to the fullest - without compromising the important things in life like career and family.

And over the last few years, I have been able to replicate this with clients... HUNDREDS of times.

If you have, at any point in your life, thought of yourself as an athlete... this is for you.

If you are a former athlete looking to reclaim your athleticism, then this is for you.

If you are a current athlete looking to overcome chronic pain, old injuries and/or break through current performance plateaus, then this is for you.

If you have a desire to have a life that allows you to LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM like a lifelong athlete, then this is for you.


Because athletes understand the value of dedication and hard work.

But athletes also know how to celebrate and party hard.

Athletes get that in order to see the bigger picture and to accomplish goals, there needs to be a great team in place.

Yes, a team. Whether you grew up playing or currently play team sports or individual sports - all success comes from a team.

Competition to drive you to be better.

Peers to support you through failure, loss and falling short.

Coaches to guide you, encourage you and hold you accountable to the process - so you can fulfill your goals into living the life and becoming the person you want to be.

And so, if you have at any point in life, considered yourself an athlete, then this program is for you.


Simply put: To Empower you to LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM the life you intend to

In many cases, this means providing you with guidance on how to lose 5-10% excess body fat so you can feel confident in your skin again - without giving up foods you love, social activities or being that weird person who brings their own meals to everything.

It means providing you with the proper ways to mitigate, even eliminate, chronic pain - whether that pain is caused by old injuries or simply being "old". By the way, we don't believe in being "too old" to be an athlete, age is just a number.

Lastly, our goals are to empower you to PERFORM the way you want to. We have two types of clients:

  1. Those that chase performance in a singular sport, be it Trail Running, Obstacle Course Racing, CrossFit, Golf, Hockey, Basketball, etc
  2. Those that want to feel ready and capable in ANY environment - all the sports listed above, simultaneously. First Responders also typically fall in this category.

But we can make the following promise/guarantee.

In as little as 90 days, we guarantee that our clients will improve their body composition by 5-10%, Reduce chronic pain (if not eliminate it entirely), and improve performance in their Sport(s) of choice - or we will work with them for free until they do.



Too many adult athletes go straight to the solution: "Well this used to work." 

Now intentions here are great, however in 99% of the cases I have seen, this does not work.

There is a saying within the fitness industry coaches that goes like this: "Everything works... but nothing works forever".

However this principle is not commonly known.

And so athletes will try and do "what used to work" and bang their heads against the wall repeatedly when the thing that USED to work somehow doesn't work anymore.

This goes for both CURRENT and FORMER Athletes - the symptoms just show up different. 

Former Athetes get stuck spinning their tires trying to recreate a distant memory of what "used to work", failing to take into account that their current circumstances are very different than the circumstances surrounding them the time they used to be fit and athletic.

Current Athletes get stuck spinning their tires in that they hit a plateau, and aren't really sure how to get around it to improve performance. OR they caused an injury of some sort, somehow, and have no idea how to continue moving forward, which inevitably makes them feel like they are sliding backwards instead of moving forwards.


I have been guilty of this myself. 

Athletes are all about winning. 

And when athletes ARE NOT winning, we immediately go searching for the missing link that allows us to win again.

The problem is that, when it comes to fitness and performance, "winning" looks a little different and often is drawn out over a much longer time period than we are used to.

Growing up as an athlete, winning (or losing) was IMMEDIATE and FREQUENT. Personally, I had games (call it competitions) regularly. Depending on the sport I played at the time, it was anywhere from weekly to monthly.

Therefore, I got immediate feedback regularly as to whether I was "winning" or "losing" - and made adjustments accordingly.

The problem arises when we take this same approach to our fitness and performance as an adult.

Competitions are much less frequent, and so when we do not see immediate results, we think that the thing we are doing is not working (which may or may not be the case, more on that later), and all of a sudden we jump ship.

The problem with this is that the very reason we are moving to the next diet, training program, etc is actually the very reason we don't see progress. 

Athletes often will fail to stick with something long enough to truly determine whether or not it works. 

And this pattern of behaviour is exactly why athletes get stuck in the same rut without making the progress they actually want to make.


As adult athletes, we try to do too much.

Somewhere along the way, we as adults have this sudden feeling that we "need to have things figured out" by now.

There is some merit to this, but at the same time causes us to stop growing.

Sure, when it comes to certain things, we do need to have things figured out.

But failing to seek guidance and support for continual growth is often a big miss for adult athletes.

When you think about it, THE BEST ATHLETES IN THE WORLD have a TEAM of people around them helping them become even better.

So why is it that everyday, recreational (even some professional) athletes feel that they need to have things figured out for themselves?

These athletes claim they want to feel fitter, be in less pain, and perform better, yet they try and figure it all out on their own like they know best.

Yet again, the BEST ATHLETES IN THE WORLD go to others for guidance and support.

They utilize their coaches, their trainers, their physiotherapists, their dieticians, etc to get that extra competitive edge to LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM their sport better.

You see the disconnect here.


"This probably won't work for me"

Are you thinking this right now? I know when I stumble across stuff online, my skepticism is often very high.

You may be thinking things like:

  • "I've tried this kind of stuff before and it didn't work"
  • "I've just learned to deal with this chronic pain, there's no fixing it now"
  • "I'm way too busy with life to be able to be fit and athletic again"
  • "I can get and stay fit simply by playing my sport"

The reality is, if you have read this far, there is a little part of you that carries hope.

Hope that you CAN live life the way you want to.

That you can reclaim your athleticism to LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM the life you want.

Most sports psychologists talk about the importance of visualization. 

And if you can visualize yourself succeeding, if you can picture what your life can look like, then it is possible.

Perhaps previously, you haven't had the right coach, or the right program, or the right guidance to realize your goals.

Chances are, past failures are not because of a lack of effort on your part.

But the BEST way to ensure you make progress is as follows:

No more guessing as to what the best approach is going to be. KNOW that what you will be tasked to do is appropriate for you TODAY, and where you want to be TOMORROW.

We provide our clients with an intial assessment to ensure we can appropriately map out your next steps. And if (or when) your goals change, we continue to reassess and refine so that you realize the results you after, faster.

These assessments cover the following: Goals & Timelines, Current lifestyle (job, family obligations, etc), Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Body Fat % and more.

Through a comprehensive initial assessment and ongoing regular assessments, we can ensure that the plan you get is appropriate for YOU.

Gone are the days where you wasted 8-12 weeks only to find out that the program you have been following was the wrong program. 

With weekly progress reports, we ensure in real time that what you are doing is ACTUALLY working, so you can avoid spinning your tires and seeing no results.

A training program appropriate for YOU.

Your goals.

Your schedule.

Your equipment access.

To top it off, your program is designed by a 15 year certified professional who carries certifications in Corrective Exercise, Performance, Functional Fitness, Bodybuilding, Mobility Specialist, and more.

And because its designed specifically for you, you can rest assured that you will make progress, because combined with the assessments, you are working on what you need to work on in order to see the results you are after.

Diets suck.

Plain and simple.

I don't do them. I don't ask my clients to do them. Because they are difficult to follow, and more often than not, end up making things worse than they do better.

Instead, we craft out a personalized nutrition protocol that is meant to integrate into YOUR day-to-day life seamlessly. 

This becomes much easier for you to follow, enjoy the foods you want to enjoy, and STILL make insane progress in your fitness and athleticism.

And again, because it's 100% custom to you, you can stop worrying whether you are eating too much or too little to support your goals. 

Stop worrying about nutrition and focus on living life without limits.

Join client challenges.

Compete against your friends.

Learn from some of the world's best coaches.

Be a part of special events - both virtually and in person.

As athletes, we succeed when we are part of a team in some capacity. It pushes us to be accountable and to be the best we can be.

This team is no different.