Coaching Individuals to overcome fitness plateaus, eliminate chronic pain, and perform better at the things they love.

Maybe you are trying to level up your current fitness to be more competitive...

Perhaps you used to be very active and athletic...

Could be you feel broken down, unable to overcome a pesky old injury, currently operating every day in some sort of pain...

Or your job, your life, or the lives of others hinges on your fitness and athletic ability (looking at you, First Responders)...

As an Everyday Athlete, you value being active an not held back, whether it's from an old recurring injury or falling short in your fitness.

And regardless of where you are today, you recognize and work to get better. To move the needle even a little bit. So you can LIVE, FEEL and PERFORM life the way you want to.


We don't care if you come from a team sports or pursue excellence on your own... We just care that you want to connect with a community of like-minded people who value the same things as you:

LIVE - Getting the most out of life, whether that means being more capable for our jobs, our families or our sport(s)

FEEL - We strive to feel better, doing away with aches and pains and instead feeling our best and moving better than ever

PERFORM - We value performance. We want to perform our best - physically and mentally.

If you're here, you likely value these same things.

Looking forward to having you be a part of the movement.


Train to crush your own personal goals without sacrificing your performance on the job.

Get 9 Training tracks + 3 Stack on program tracks to match your training goals - all of which incorporate elements to ensure you can still meet the demands of your job as a First Responder.

Whether you are training to build muscle, increase strength, improve endurance, or training for athletic performance, get a training program and join a team to motivate and inspire you to dominate. 


Tactical Prep Program

Guarantee that you pass your fitness test.

The Tactical Prep Blueprint has been developed by Coach Brandon, Tactical Strength & Conditioning Facilitator and Coach for over 15 years.

Throughout this program, not only will you develop the physical prowess to crush your fitness test at or near the top of your class, but you will develop tools in 5 key areas for high performance: Physical, Nutrition, Mindset, Recovery & Environment. 

Ensure that you can perform at a high level for your lifetime.


As a kid growing up, I loved playing all kinds of sports, and as a Canadian kid, Golf and Hockey took up most of my time. 

I had begun University with the intention of becoming a High School Phys Ed teacher, but quickly realized that this path wasn’t the best fit for me. Instead, I leaned on the experience of my training partner at the time - who happened to be the Strength and Conditioning coach for the local SWAT unit - and pursued a career in teaching movement, fitness, and performance. Over this time I have come to specialize in working with Athletes (professional and recreational alike), First Responders, and anyone seeking greater performance in a sustainable, pain-free way.

Throughout my entire life, my definition of fitness & athleticism could be summed up in that I wanted to be athletic enough to play any sport well, strong enough to be competitive in any environment, and have good enough endurance to run a marathon with only a single days notice - all the while looking and feeling good in the process.

I achieved this level of performance in my mid-twenties and early thirties, competing in a few sports, most notably of which I competed within the top 1% of competitors in the sport of CrossFit (at the time).

However, this came at a cost.

I was sidelined by injuries and felt burnt out and undernourished. This in turn lead me down a path of understanding movement and athletic ability at a deeper level, as well as developing methods for not only achieving high performance but also uncovering methods to increase mobility and decrease pain without spending an exorbitant amount of time in the gym each day.

My hope and mission in life is to use this knowledge and experience to empower others to feel better, as well as look and perform the way they want to - for their career, their sport and their life, and ensure they are #AlwaysReady.


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