"There’s a huge amount of variety with excellent communication and organization. The coaches are very attentive and they provide a full package of physical fitness, mental health, and nutrition. Incredibly challenging, but tailored to your capacity as well. I’m really quite impressed with the progress made in a short block."

Lisa Ball

Online Remote Client | Firefighter

As a high level teenage athlete (Varsity high school athlete/National level golfer/Junior A Hockey) you never think you’ll ever drop your fitness level but as you get older and life gets hectic you find yourself doing less and less sport and fitness activities.
Heroic Athletics coaching staff and training programs have allowed me to start working my way back into the top physical and mental form I was in back in my hayday.

Matt Dingwell

In Person Client | Cable Technician & Golfer

"You only need one class to be convinced. That was the case for me! You will found much more than a gym. (The) Group classes are never the same and get you out of your comfort zone. (The) Members are friendly and they support you; But most of all, the coaches are talented and caring!!"

Marianne Chaput

 In Person Client | Flight Attendant