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"Finally! How To increase Strength, Speed & Power on and off the course - specific to Women"

(Without buying more training tools that show marginal if any actual difference)


  • Develop a faster swing speed
  • Have longer drives off the tee
  • Feel more confident on and off the course


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From: Brandon Robb & Kate Griffiths

RE: Female Golf Strength, Speed & Power


If you want get longer distances off the tee, get more speed in their swing, or even if you just want to feel good and confident on and off the course, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in today's world, access to information is no longer the issue. Instead, we are all faced with understanding what is the right information VS what is wrong information… and then breaking down the RIGHT information into what is actually applicable to you in your situation today in order to help you increase your swing speed.

And we promise that by reading this letter in its entirety you will have at minimum some direction to know some key ways that will help improve your swing speed.


Improve your Strength, Speed, and Power.

 Be part of a growing movement empowering Women in Golf.



Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

Brandon Robb is a  TPI Certified (L1, Fitness 2 & Power 2) Personal Trainer who's worked with professionals all over the world for the last 13 years. Kate Griffiths is a current PGA Professional & World Long Drive Competitor.

Brandon has helped women all over the world improve their athletic performance to excel in their professions in otherwise male-dominated industries - helping women reach high levels of performance in tactical professions such as Fire, Police, Military & even CIA, as well as working with both male & Female golfers improve their mobility, strength and most importantly, power so they can perform better on the course.
Prior to professional golf, Kate was heavily involved in the fitness industry as a coach & trainer, and because of this background she can attest to how this knowledge and experience allows her to compete at the worlds largest stage in long drive.

It's no secret that the game of Golf is changing, where a premium is placed on power and distance, which has proven to help golfers be more competitive and provide more longevity in the game.

Every year that goes by, average driving distances on tour are going up, and every golfer that is NOT adding additional resources to help them increase their distance is falling further and further behind those that are at the top of their game.

Over the last 10 years, driving averages for the LPGA has increased 20-25 yards*


Now of course, there are 3 area’s that Golfers and Women can improve their power and distance:

  • Equipment – Golf technology has come a LONG way, even in the past 5-10 years. No doubt that this has had an impact on the game. With manufacturers pushing the envelope of what can be achieved through technology, we have seen a year over year increase in the average of distance off the tee within the LPGA.
  • Technique – As both of us can attest to, technique plays a large factor into acquiring more distance. And as many women know, subtle changes in technique can lead to immense improvements in distance.
  • Fitness – One way that has PROVEN to decrease injuries, improve performance and increase distance is adding in a quality fitness routine. However, while it is encouraging to see so many golfers seek to add distance, they often make the same mistakes…


Take your golf game to the next level.



Golfers Biggest Fitness Mistakes

  1. Finding workouts online
    • There is no such thing as a bad workout. More often than not, doing A workout is better than doing NO workout. However, these workouts found online are often only part of the ingredient. In order to get the full effect, each workout within a program is meant to work with every other workout to help build a whole athlete/golfer - assuming a professional wrote them.
  2. Following templates found for free
    • The best quote we can come up with is this: “Following someone else’s program is the same as wearing someone else’s shoes. Even if it’s the right size, it still feels a bit off”. Again, templates are better than nothing, but they still don’t follow the same philosophy as Titleist Performance Institute – Assess, Don’t Guess.
  3. Trying to build their own workouts/programs
    • While the intention here is great, it often lacks proper direction. This is the equivalent of someone trying to do their own taxes, fix their own car, or build their own house. Technically, it can be done. But often takes much longer, costs much more, and still doesn’t produce the same result as a professional. Unless someone wants to become a trainer themselves, this is not a route we recommend (and even then, we both have our own coaches write our programs for US).

It's these reasons that we wanted to build a FEMALE ONLY coaching program for the women in Golf.

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  •  You'll discover how exactly how increasing your strength & power will not only increase your driving distance, but also your bank account.
  •  You'll discover how to properly train for golf, so you can avoid common fitness pitfalls that HINDER your game vs HELP your game
  •  You'll save time with an efficient, evidence & science based information to actually make progress in your game as opposed to researching which workouts are best and wasting time in the gym
  •  You'll not only know exactly how to train effectively, but also how to work through plateaus and stalls in progress so that you can truly reach your potential
  •  You'll see a TON more distance off the tee & even earn money back with our referral program

"I worked with Brandon & Golf HEROIC for almost two years, and have not only increased my swing speed, but also helped me recover and build back from a bad back injury that kept me from competing in World Long Drive Championships - and potentially a great payday. Brandon has also helped in many aspects beyond just my training in the gym, helping me with my nutrition, recovery and mindset which has helped my confidence both on and off the course. I have been able to maintain my swing speed at 105mph, while at the same time getting to my goal body weight and developing a better relationship with food." - Kate Griffiths (yes, she was a client first)

Nearly every statistic coming out, especially now, shows a direct correlation between driving distance and shooting lower scores.

  • When you increase your distance off the tee, you'll feel more confident with every shot that follows into the green.
  • You'll start to see the positive impact on your game, as well as in many other aspects of your life - from mentality to energy to finances.
  • See yourself bragging to your golf buddies in how much farther you have to go to get to your drive compared to theirs.

So Here's The Bottom Line With Our Female Golf Speed & Power Program

You get linked in with a community of other like-minded female golfers chasing higher performance and longer distances off the tee. You get access to professional coaches who not only love the game of Golf, but also have worked successfully with professional golfers in adding distance, improving mobility, increasing power, and helping them perform better for golf and life. You get a training program, nutrition protocol & coaching support, as well as guidance on building mental toughness to help you reach the next level in your game.

To hitting long bombs past the boys,

Brandon Robb & Kate Griffiths

P.S. - Right now, we are only accepting a select number of women for case studies. If you want to act now to save over 30%, as well as an opportunity to earn money back as an affiliate partner and potentially get paid for being a part of our community, click the button below and jump on a call with either Brandon or Kate.

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