The Magic Pill

Nov 13, 2020

You have to do more than just the workout. You have to take care of yourself. Working out will help move you towards your goals but if you don’t put in any effort outside of the gym you can easily fall short. Sleep and Nutrition are probably more important to your success in the gym than the workout itself. This doesn’t mean that if you sleep well and eat right that you don’t need to work out, BUT that they will add exponentially to the improvements you will obtain from your workouts!


So, what more do you need to do outside of the gym and the workout? The top four things I would suggest need to be prioritized in your life are:

  1. Take care of your sleep: Make sure you are getting enough sleep to help aide your recovery!
  2. Eat proper nutrition: Quality and Quantity are important, You need to make sure you are eating the proper amount of food for your goals while also trying to eat the best quality of foods that you can get a hold of.
  3. Take care of your body: If you have a problem area (sore back, tight hips, a “bad” knee, etc) or struggle with tightness you need to address these issues outside of the gym as well. See a physical therapist of some kind, do your rehab and prehab exercises religiously, stretch during down time, just do what needs to be done to help you!
  4. Give yourself time: Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t expect one workout or one healthy meal to magically change everything instantly!


These are not difficult things to do, they seem difficult, but the most difficult thing is understanding that they take time to pay off and start showing significant changes. These things take WORK to get better at but if you put in the work you can reap the rewards!


“You want a magic pill to achieve your goals? Okay, the magic pill is called ‘work’, that’s it!”- Brandon Robb


Tyler Tait, MSc., NSCA-CSCS.

Heroic Athletics Coach

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @tylerjtait

Instagram: @heroicathletics




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